eFreight360 For Air Carriers

eFreight360 for Air Carriers® is the worlds first totally paperless Booking, Pricing, eAWB & IATA aligned e-Freight System

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Exclusive Spot Pricing

Enables Spot Pricing negotiations completely within your portal & eliminates voice communications & lost data. Easily handles catalog tariffs from multiple sources.

Totally Paperless

Totally eliminates paper in your Air Cargo booking, documentation, distribution & archiving process. Completely IATA e-Freight/eAWB aligned.

Turn-Key or Integrated

Can act as either your stand-alone air cargo portal and/or easily integrates with your existing functionality. Production ready with fast inexpensive implementation.

Saves Huge Costs

Gives you complete control of how your Air Cargo product is presented and sold to your customers. Eliminates ancient 3rd party booking portals and their huge costs.


A disruptive Air Carrier solution for e-Freight
Eliminate paper processes in your Air Cargo operations by offering your customers a fully branded booking, pricing and digital docs portal.

eFreight360 for Air Carriers® is a Next Generation eAWB & e-Freight System that enables your customers to book, fully document & distribute digital paperless air cargo documentation directly on your branded site and give you complete control of your air cargo sales and administrative processes. eFreight360 for Air Carriers® was developed from scratch using the IATA e-Freight specification guidelines. We utilized all the modern tools including cloud computing and networks, advanced XML paperless documents, mobile devices and many others. Even though we fully incorporated the IATA e-Freight specs, and are the only company in the world to do so, we knew from the start that every airline would have their own special systems, processes and procedures. Therefore, creating a customizable tool was a core design priority.eFreight360 for Air Carriers® is the most powerful, and cost effective Air Cargo booking/documentation system ever developed. It is production ready and only requires minor enhancements to fit perfectly into your special operational environment. eFreight360’s SaaS data capture and communication functionality is fast, infinitely scalable, affordable, easy to learn, simple to launch, and very secure. All your customers can easily and securely access its capabilities at any time, from anywhere, using the device of their choice. Our proprietary eAWB Wizard® enables your customers to complete eAWB’s easily and accurately. We utilize advanced XML technology to make all your cargo documentation digital from start to finish. When older EDI message formats need to be accepted, our proprietary EDI to XML translator handles this problem automatically. With eFreight360 for Air Carriers you fully control the way your Air Cargo Product is presented and sold to your customers. All IATA specified airfreight forms are available in our library and ready to use by you and your customers. Any special forms you may need are easily added. The Portal will not require the replacement of your legacy air cargo systems - it works in conjunction with them.

  • Offer Your Customers a Significantly Better Experience

    Change your focus from a company that merely delivers air freight services, to a company that delivers an uncommon logistics experience.

  • Save with improved processes

    Gives you complete control of how your Air Cargo product is presented and sold to your customers

  • Automatically develop & Share ePouches with all stakeholders

    Instantly create & share ePouch data with every single stakeholder that has an authorized need to know

  • Security in Depth

    Paper is notoriously insecure while eFreight360 contains the broadest set of security features available

The Team

Industry Leaders with Proven Track Records
Monty Clark
Monty has over thirty years experience in the industry, beginning his career at McDonnell Douglas Automation Co. and subsequently held various executive sales and management roles at Computervision for many years, Imageware and Command Software. Monty founded RedBolt Technologies, Inc. which grew to become the largest PTC Software Reseller in the State of Florida.
Jon Snook
Jon brings 25 years of broad commercial and operating experience leading business units in the airline, cargo, trucking, tour operating and ground handling industries.
Dave Brooks
Dave was responsible for American’s cargo operations worldwide. Mr. Brooks was named President of the Division in 1996 after serving as President of the Airline Services Division of AMR Services Corporation, an aviation services company formerly owned by AMR Corporation.
Pramod Rao
Pramod has over 20 years experience in the development and management of products and services. He has formerly held senior positions in Altair, Autodesk and Geometric Global before founding Nexshore in 2006 and Co-Founding Episcale Corporation in 2014.

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