Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an excellent platform for eFreight360 and for your Portal.  It offers unlimited computing and network resources and the unique ability to start small and grow to an unlimited number of shipping transactions.  It is perfectly suited for worldwide 24/7/365 mission critical applications like your Portal.  Cloud computing is always up and running, and the data is always backed up multiple times.  Military security is guaranteed.  We will use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the Portal’s compute platform.  AWS is rated by Gartner Group as the clear leader in Cloud services.

Mobile Devices

Five years ago, smart phones and tablets were mere curiosities.  Now they have rapidly become an integral part of business life.  The ability to render any XML digital shipping document and update that document on any device is imperative.  Giving your customers the ability to interact with your Portal on the device of their choice is a powerful feature that will increase customer loyalty, improve their experience and increase your sales.


Advanced XML Capabilities and Proprietary EDI/XML Translator

Advanced XML technology is at the heart of eFreight360 and your Portal.  XML is a computer language by nature. This computer “code” can be rendered for humans to read and modify. Because it is always computer readable the “code” can be shared with other computer applications and data bases with little or no further modification.  XML code also carries instructions that allows the creation of PDF documents on demand.  One truly gets three capabilities in one.  The ability to easily read and annotate the XML document, the ability to share that data in computer readable code, and the ability to produce PDF’s.  XML makes a digital air cargo system possible.


eSignatures and Advanced API’s

eFreight360 fully supports eSignatures which are now widely accepted as the equivalent of a “wet ink” signature.  eFreight360 contains advanced Application Program Interface (API) technology that enables the easy digital interface with almost any IT application including your dynamic pricing engine and others you may have currently in use.


Security In Depth

Episcale is keenly aware that military level security for your Portal is a critical requirement.  At the compute and network level, Amazon Web Services (AWS) contains the broadest set of security features available.  The US CIA has recently signed a large contract with AWS to port sensitive data and applications to their cloud.  Security is an absolute overriding concern for AWS and for your Portal.

Security threats also exist inside the firewall and this is where perimeter defense has long been ineffective. Internal security is a critical need for the your Portal.  This type of security takes into consideration the protection of the identity of customers and provides other important safeguards.  These security systems and processes will be fundamental to the your branded Cargo Portal and provide you the peace of mind of security in depth.


Data Quality & Accuracy

People make mistakes.  eFreight360 recognizes that fact, and focuses on helping people enter data correctly the first time (especially for people where English is not their first language).  We achieve this through embedded rules and help functions like the eAWB Wizard and the power of XML authoring tools. Studies have shown that tools like these can increase data input accuracy by over 70%.  The capability to dramatically improve data quality and accuracy is a significant benefit to you and your customer.


Document Management (One Version of the Truth)

In any business process, especially those driven by paper or voice communication, the question of which document is the “Master Record” is a serious problem.  The eFreight360 technology contained in the your Portal will virtually eliminate this problem. There is only “one version of the truth” in XML format that resides in the central data base and is accessed by all authorized stakeholders.  If a document is modified, every user of the system will see that change instantly.  That information will also be instantly communicated to any authorized computer system as well.


Less Scanning Not More:

eFreight360 will reduce and ultimately eliminate the scanning of paper documents.  Scanning creates digital human readable but ultimately dumb documents. The raster/pixel data on a scanned document is not intelligent or computer readable.  It must be subjected to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques to make them intelligent and software readable.  That process normally produces an inaccurate and unreliable result. Scanning is also very expensive. The your Portal with eFreight360 will capture intelligent human and machine readable XML smart data when it is first entered into the system so scanning is rarely required.